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What Happens When a Debt is Sold Off to a Junk Debt Buyer?

GetAttachment[1]When the original creditor sells off a charged off credit card debt to a Junk Debt Buyer, does the original creditor keep updating the account via E-Oscar each month, even though they do not own it anymore? Since they don’t own it any more, how can they verify it with the bureaus when it is disputed after they sold & transferred the account?

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  1. Lou Baez says:

    Hi Mike,

    Great webinar. As a newcomer to the business, I am learning so much and you have given me a wealth of information.

    Thank you for sharing all that you have and giving up your time to help those trying to learn the business the correct way. I look forward to reading a copy of the Expose along with viewing the Compliance slide and reviewing the Contract. This will help me immensely in starting up my business.

    Can you please email me any dispute outsourcing companies that you would recommend?

    Again, thank you for your time and I look forward to next week’s webinar.

    Best regards,

  2. Steve Meyers says:

    That was a valuable tip: get the original creditor to PULL IT BACK!
    I believe I've seen situations where TWO collection agencies were reporting on the same debt!
    How about public executions! 🙂

  3. Jim O'DOnnell says:

    Thank you Mike. Your webinar yesterday (Wed., June 16th) was so full of information I took 10 pages of notes. It lasted 2 1/2 hrs and seemed to be over in an instant. I learned so much. Thanks again.

    I was one of the viewers on until the end—please send me the free stuff you mentioned. I appreciate it.

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