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How do we Handle Installments Paid to a Collection Company?

GetAttachment[1]Client is currently paying in installments to a collection company. Best way to handle, have client call and negotiate that as part of them continuing to pay they need to remove from credit report, or should I send a validation letter, or something else?

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  1. Jerry says:

    I was on your webinar Wednesday June 9, 2010 and it was good information, talking to a couple of my mortgage friends. I am really concerned how the new laws 623 FCRA and 312 Facta will play out. Good webinar.

    I’m always confuse how to make a comment after your webinars because I have made comments but have not received your offers. I recommend you have a comment area that works. I would like the three new books when they come out and notes from webinar.

    Who are the speakers at your Bootcamp in Dallas? Thanks Jerry

  2. Steve Meyers says:

    I agree. That's always a delicate issue. I hate it when, like today, I get a call from someone with whom I do securities laws compliance consulting to help them raise funds for their business, and they tell me they paid $4,000 down on an old debt and did NOT get a deletion letter.

    Good stuff here, Michael. Thank you.

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