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What do we Do with Foreclosures and Short Sales?

GetAttachment[1]How do you handle foreclosures and short sales on the credit report?

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  1. Joe says:

    Hey, Mike: As usual, great webinar yesterday — filled with many ideas that makes us all think how to revamp & resurrect this industry. I, too, believe that the new laws that take affect in the coming weeks can open up new avenues to protect & help consumers. I wish you the best of luck with the new books, too!

  2. Steve says:

    Michael: I’m looking forward to your next webinar. We’ve been employing many of the tactics you just mentioned to good success. Also have to say that your webinar yesterday, June 9th, was FABULOUS! You really shared fabulous information wiht us about both marketing and the new laws. Gave us great information that will greatly increase our business, AND a heads up as to how our business is going to be transformed with the new amendments. I’m stoked.
    And VERY GRATEFUL for all that you do for this industry! Thank you.

  3. Reney says:


    Thanks for the info regarding Short Sales and Foreclosures… We have also had some success in using the advanced tactics we learned from you at the boot camp regarding the use of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.

    Also, the webinar on the new credit dispute rules was very good. I am looking forward to receiving your new books and your notes regarding direct disputing for our clients.

    Thanks again.
    Reney DuBose
    DuBose and DuBose <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  4. Glen Hansen says:


    Excellent Webinar, Invaluable information. Compliance is the only way we can keep this industry alive!


  5. jimhogle says:

    Mike love your new books and look forward to the rolling out of your cash machine! Keep up the good fight and keep us all in line while we try to help the consumers. You and your team are a wealth of knowledge. Keep us posted on the new laws coming up in July, that will open a whole new avenue of disputing. Jim

  6. Giovanni C says:

    Hey Mike,

    There has never been a time when I can say that I’ve learned enough to not want to listen anymore. As always, your webinars are very informative, and I can’t get enough of the wealth of information you provide, in addition to my own readings. Your contiuous offers of wanting to supply material for reference is certainly a great asset.

    Thanks a million,

  7. Frank says:

    This whole site is great and full of credit knowledge. I just listened to my first webinar and found a wealth of information. I am considering starting my own business and plan to study and research awhile by using this site as a main research tool.

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