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Dispute Online?

GetAttachment[1]Do online disputes work?

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  1. garr says:

    This is MUST KNOW info you just shared. Our clients have been getting emails from a certain bureau. When the bureaus receive the disputes, they ask our client if they want their results online, turning their dispute into an electronic dispute.

  2. Ryan says:

    Mike – Thanks for the webinar today. It's shocking that no one else gives out this info. I tried to google to find the new changes to the laws. 20 minutes of searching got me no where. Your webinars are fantastic. Thank you for this info and I am looking forward to receiving your notes on the webinar

  3. Austill Crabtree says:

    I think that the information that you provide us is wonderful. I dont know how we ever made it without you. I think the webinars are the best thing that has ever happened to us in the business. Thank you so much for your time.


  4. Maurice Mendoza says:

    Mike, today’s webinar was jam packed with vital information. It was presented at a perfect time for our business since we have several meetings with mortgage companies this week and next. Now I have more ammo to bring with me to our meeting to lock in these affiliates. I really do appreciate all the info and look forward to your books. Once again thank you very much!!!!!


  5. Loved the webinar today, always learning…thank you so much for taking your time to do these every week…David

  6. Brandon Newman says:

    Hello Mike, and thanks for all you do. Today’s webinar was very informative and i am glad you are coming to Dallas for the next Boot Camp. My question is; how & who should I contact for local legislation. Also, how do I get “Expose” and today’s notes & outline.

  7. Salle Stewart says:

    Thanks for such a GREAT webinar today. I always look forward to your weekly “credit repair gems.” See you next week!

    I would like a copy of your EXPOSE and other books coming out.

  8. Terry McCart says:

    Mike, as always, very insightful. It often seems that the more I learn, the more confused I get. I completely agree with you on conducting business morally. I was introduced to this industry by someone that could only see the $$$ signs. Whether he ever really helped anyone, I don't know. I learned what not to do from him and what TO do from you. Keep it coming…

  9. Kevin Foster says:

    Hey Mike,

    Sherry and I are extremly impressed in your Wednesday Webinairs. Last week and this week were just awesome. Great Information and we love your wanting to give, give, give. Keep up the good work. We are raving fans.

  10. Steve Evert says:

    Michael, I was on today’s webinar and wanted to post my remarks. I was not sure on which post to put my remarks, so I picked this one. I would love to receive the info that you stated we could receive.

    A lot of the information I received today I did not know existed. I look forward to getting back into credit repair and having your company a key part of what I will be able to do for my clients.


  11. Jan Shore says:

    Mike – This is my first on-line webinar and I have been blown away with the info. It was like Tampa all over again!!! Thank you so much for the information you have gathered and shared with us. I am in awe of your generosity. I look forward to reading the books and Expose’. Many thanks.

  12. Danny says:

    This information is great, many competitors dispute online and now I have something to tell customers.

  13. Steve Evert says:

    Hi Michael, I am not sure I posted my last comment correctly. I was on the webinar today and received a lot of great information. I find that the questions at the end are quite helpful to me. I look forward to getting back into this great industry.

  14. S Japers says:

    Hi. Love your webinars, do you guys need a summer intern, I’m available!!!

  15. Jim Crenshaw says:

    Mike, The webinar today was fantastic. I learn at least 5 new things from the weekly webinars every time. Keep up the great work!

  16. Michelle says:

    Both Mike’s – thank you for your time. I will be looking forward to more information to educate us on the BBB. Here is a cut and paste from an email that we conversed back and forth – we were both polite. But I feel the community has a legal right and place to go, also given the legal right, this gives us more credibility. Or harm.

    Email: “Michelle,
    Due to your nature of business you are not eligible for membership with the Better Business Bureau. This is policy due to problems within your industry. I’m sorry. Thank you. Connie Quillen, Better Business Bureau of the Southwest, Albuquerque, NM.”

  17. CSRS, LLC says:

    Mike, CSRS is very glad that you went through so much information in detail. I think this needs to be repeated because my pea brain is full of great info. The direct dispute is the most exciting news to me right now. Please keep on going on this subject. What is Dillon’s last name. I was very impressed with his knowlege of the lending business and appreciate his time with us. Great tips by the way!! Sorry for being naive, what is the red tag? The name rider marketing tip is no doutedly very useful info. Thanks again for your insight on many matters. I would appreciate you sending me the Expose copies. If I understood you correctly, we may get the books as well, right? Also, we had requested the documentary clip on the hard drive in copiers that store information. We still have not yet received that info. Can’t wait to attend the boot camp in Dallas. Thanks.

  18. Michelle says:

    a second question is
    I have seriously considered changing my business name:
    from Credit Disputers "TO"
    Financial Credit- would this help my credit profile?

  19. Shelton Mann says:

    My question is this:

    We run our credit business in New Mexico, I am REALLY interested in starting a Credit Repair Charter here in the state, but I’m having a hard time with where to start. I noticed that Texas has Credit Services Organization and I believe in your philosophy of working together; bringing those that are in the business and doing it correctly together and those that are doing the business but could have some potential legal issues down the road.

    Mike, can you share information or will the Non-profit organization that you’re working answer this question for me.

  20. Great learning tools today as always. Mike teaches us all new ways to do our business each week. Love it!!


  21. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for the new laws webinar. It was very very informative and I feel more confident in my business. I have definitely found my “go-to” guy! Looking forward to the expose, book and also looking forward to your notes on the new laws.

  22. Jacquelene D Moden says:

    The Webinar today was awesome,awesome,awesome!! Thank you! Also thanks for the free Expose offered…look forward to receipt. Will be hopefully getting my earlybird registration in real soon… Again thank you for the weekly class….

  23. Mike says:

    Great info and webinar as usual! Too bad my laptop crashed 1/2 way through it (any chance of getting a replay?)…. Still dont know how they got the Expeditious dispute resolution into the FCRA!?!

  24. Chuck Felton says:

    Hey Mike,

    Just love all your great info! Please keep it coming.

    I would like to see the new law you mentioned in the seminar and your report. Thanks,


  25. Rick Wenacur says:

    Mike, Excellent Webinar as usual. Your topics are always timely and the guests are excellent. Having specific information on these new laws and the opportunities they present are great marketing tools. Looking forward to the next one and can’t wait to use your notes on the updated FCRA and other statutes.

  26. Brad Coleman says:

    Mike – Thanks for the wonderful webinar on Wednesday, it was an eye opener & jam packed. Since, meeting you & getting some of your material and asorbing all the often unknown information that you share with us, my credit repair business has raised to another level – and now I get business on a very consistent basis. And, people are amazed when I speak about what’s going on in this business with the banks and within the credit bureaus. To sum it up, Mike, you’re very generous. Please send the info on the expose, new laws, and keep me posted on the books you haven’t released yet.

  27. Aida says:

    Great Webinar. Every time it is very useful. You are awesome. I will be 100% Compliant. Aida.

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