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What if the Client Doesn’t Have a Credit Report Yet?

GetAttachment[1]How do you pull credit reports if client does not already have report?

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  1. Renee says:

    Hi Mike great call on today. Wish we had more time to discuss the changes in the law. I look forward to receiving your notes and other information. I am particularly interested in reaching out to my legislators to promote financial literacy to the community. I have both a non-profit and for profit company. I plan to pursue funding and support for the non-profit from my legislators who have grant funding included in their budgets. In the past when I lived in Philadelphia, I reached out to a number of legislators and became somewhat known in the community which provided me with a community platform and the opportunity to do free credit seminars for the community on behalf of congress people and some local officials. One of those legislators provided me with a testimonial for my credit book.

  2. Arturo Meza says:

    Thanks so much for the webinar today! There was a lot of information that will be super useful in ways that I can reach out to mortgage brokers and establish either a new relationship with a broker or strengthen a current relationship with one. I get excited every week and always look forward to them. I am very excited about getting together with people in other industries and educating those clients and communities. You truly are revolutionizing this industry!



  3. sam Trink says:

    Thanks Mike this was great! I am amazed at your knowledge and look forward to using your products. Wish today had covered more details in specific about the new laws. Please include me in the books, etc. you are sending. Definately going to try the free trial to see how your system works versus what we do. Thanks! Sam

  4. Eric Monsma says:

    I was on the webinar today – it was absolutely FULL of great information. It did run a little long, but I couldn't pull myself away because useful knowledge was flying around all over the place, lol. I'd love to have the expose that Mike said he'd send…please send! I loved the questions and answers at the end of the webinar…

  5. Janet says:

    Mike, we are in Credit Biz Blog…as a newbie, I am still struggling with the language of how to get motivated participation with clients who are used to someone else doing everything for them.
    I have not located this information, and will continue my search. Perhaps, in your response to questions, you have answered previously, you could go ahead and give a brief answer and then give instructions of specifically where to find more, such as the title of that info, for a site search in Credit Biz Blog. You now have several pages of special interest to search through.

  6. Kim says:

    OMG!!!! Today's webinar was absolutely wonderful. It should have been called The Rewards of Compliance and Endurance. I found that because we have been taking heed to the law, we are able to retain and gain even more affliates in the real estate and mortgage industry. It felt good to know the sections you discussed we were already adhereing to. THANKS again for educating and also for the goodies you are giving to those of us who stayed on the line until the end. Can't wait to get them.

  7. Danny says:

    Hi Mike, another way to get credit reports is to see if the client has a service provided to them by their bank or credit card company. Many of them provide a tri-merge view of the report.

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