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How and What Can we Charge for Up Front?

GetAttachment[1]How do you bypass the CROA in order to charge up front? Do we sell materials or offer consulting in order to collect payments upfront?

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  1. chuck says:


    I really enjoyed the webinar today. I can see tremendous opportunities with the new laws affecting mortgage brokers. I have a question: If a credit repair company charges up front but they escrow the money are they violating CROA?

  2. rob says:

    Great info … this seems to be a HUGE area of confusion even for veterans. thanks for your insight.

  3. Daisy says:

    AWESOME!….is an understatement to describe today's Webinar! I am so motivated to build my business like never before! To be connected with Dispute Suite and ALL it offers is priceless! Really Priceless to say the least! It would be unattainable for the majority if Mike were to charge for the education, information, and instruction that is given every week at every Webinar. Talk about honor and integrity….Dispute Suite. Many people/companies offer seminars, webinars, etc., and give some information to peek the interest, but hold back so very much, and charge fees that many cannot afford, and for those that can and do…..they only give it in pieces and continuously charge for more. Not Dispute Suite.

    Dispute Suite is truly an honor and a blessing to the society as a whole.

    Thank you for ALL that you do.

  4. What is the difference between a setup fee and complete work than charge concept? I review several websites that advertise $199 setup fees and a monthly charge. Can you detail the difference on this Mike?

  5. Dave Pippin says:

    What are other credit repair companies doing to comply with the CROA? I use a membership program with a host of other services and provide the credit restoration for free….

    By the way, yesterdays webinar was great!!!! I cant wait to utilize the new laws coming into effect July 1! This will greatly help my business.

  6. strategiccreditadvisors says:

    WOWWWW. 2 hours and 37 minuted on todays FREE, VALUE-PACKED webinar, not to mention the priceless GIFT. You give so much my friend… I’ll keep coming.

  7. Steve Leifer says:


    Once again, a terrific afternoon chock full of useful information. My head is spinning!

    Your enthusiasm, knowledge and care for those in the industry is uncommon.

    Thanks for all you do.

  8. dave bochenek says:

    Hi Mike, I was watching the webinar Wednesday, June 16th, and posted a comment earlier but forgot to request the slide show info on compliance. Thanks again for all of the questions you answered and the insight you gave regarding the compliance topic. I look foward to incorporating them in my business. Thanks again for taking the time to help educate us and, in turn, enable and equip us to become better at what we do, which also improves our Industry. Thanks again for ALL you do for us and the Freebies. You’re Awesome. Be Blessed, Dave

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