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What are the Re-Aging Laws?

GetAttachment[1]Under what law can collection not be re-aged? They have been, what’s the procedure?

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  1. This is one of my favorite videos. It is truly a relevant issue which we face all the time with some of our clients. Great webinar today. These new laws are certanly an apportunity to help more clients. Loved it!!

  2. Jim Gibbs says:

    I have been in the credit business for over 40 years and have seen everything from hand written credit reports to fast and easy. I have been very impressed by the amount of knowledge that you have amassed to assist all of us in the business to utilize. Myself, I am now just a mom and pop, but still get a kick out of helping people. I’m always available to my clients. look forward to getting your report called Expose. Jim

  3. Thanks for the GREAT webinar! One of your competitors emailed me this morning and all he did was send me a link to read and figure out on my own. I really appreciate the fact you are always there to help! Thank YOU!!

  4. Hey Mike! Another great webinar today … and loooong too if I may add, lol! But it’s cool because I got even more from it than usual, although I always love it! I’ve taken about 15 new lessons, or things, I didn’t know away from the webinar today. So, thank you soooo very much as usual! Can’t wait to spend some time with you, Nicole, and the rest of the D.S. team at the next Bootcamp. I did have one question for you though … I know you’re always saying that it’s okay for us to share the Expose report with people as long as we don’t change ANYTHING which I’m completely okay with… but I just wanted to check with you again to see if I can give it away at meetings with potential Affiliates, workshops with community residents, etc.

  5. Carlos says:

    Loved today’s webinar regarding the new laws that will be affecting the credit repair industry. I must say that you’re a great source of information and am grateful that you go out of your way to make this information availble. I looked forward to getting the expose and books you will be publishing.

  6. Kim says:

    Thanks for the webinar today. I have started educating my clients and strategic partners about the power of the FDCPA. Consumer have not been utilizing this powerful tool it has caused additional negative entries by debt collectors who not only use unfair practices but also charge unlawful fees which cost the consumer even more money.

  7. Hello, is there a source for re-aging laws that a consumer can review if they desired to repair there own credit?

  8. As a professional I pride myself on being up to date and able to impart the latest and most up to date information to my clients. I am now able to this job much better after listening to the webinars each week. Thank you for the time, effort and all the materials you make available to me to make my job that much easier. I look forward to reading your books and expose and appreciate all the information and time helping me and my business.

  9. Michael Augustus says:

    Working with an Attorney is a unique experience. I’m glad I was on the call today and I believe that I will now start to market to them and try to earn their business. Thanks for the webinar and I will keep you updated as to my progress with my NEW client/partner…. “The Attorney”!!!!!

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