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Is it Illegal to Have Accurate Information Removed?

GetAttachment[1]Some people or companies say that it is illegal to have accurate information removed from a credit bureau. How do we respond to such inquiries and ones like it?

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  1. philip brody says:

    Great call great program cant get enough of your wisdom that your sharing with everyone
    on a side note you look great did loose Wight

    Philip Brody credit consultant Brooklyn NY

  2. dave bochenek says:

    Hi Mike, Thanks for ALL the Great Info and Insight. I really appreciate ALL you Do to help keep us informed and up to date with the latest info. I listened to your webinar yesterday (Wednesday 6/9/10) on the 2 new laws that we needed to be aware of. I had to leave to meet a client so I wasn’t able to listen to the Q&A part at the end. It was good hearing from someone in the mortgage industry, too, to get some insights and ideas on how to speak to other mortgage & real estate professionals, to network with them. As always thanks for taking the time to help us become better at what we do, and in the process, help the industry improve and become better received. You had mentioned during the webinar that you had an expose and three books coming out on the Credit Bureaus. Could you please send or email me that information when it becomes available. Thanks again for all you do. I look foward to your next webinar. Keep up the great work!! Dave

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