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How do the Credit Bureaus Get Away With Selling Scores to Less Reputable Websites?

GetAttachment[1]Why do the credit bureaus get away with selling the consumer credit scores on sites that are totally screwed up and misleading to the consumer? If lives are hanging on these scores, particularly nowadays, shouldn’t they have a uniform system across the board? Is it going to take a large class action suit brought against them to make them change this? (I fantasize about being in front of the judge, telling him our side of the story, then pulling the judge’s tri-merge report. Then getting online and accessing his report and showing him. What would he think when he realized he was just charged equal amounts for scores that were skewed by 40 points one way or the other?

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  1. Dan Daniel says:

    Hey Mike, great webinar as usual..nice to be doing business with a professional company that cares about its customers as well as the consumer! And is ETHICAL!!! Imagine that!! A lot of good "free" training, MOST other companies would charge for! Thanks again! Adam and Dan Daniel ,United Credit Alliance.

  2. Arthalia Davis says:

    hello mike had a great time at boot camp and looking forward to the next one i’m not very good at doing this but here goes whenever i’m on the webinar i am in awe because theres so much information that you are constantly feeding us and i truly appreciate it.One question i have a client that has two different named accounts with the same account number is that considered reageing the account or just duplicate not sure ? Please give your wife my regards and tell the rest I said hello we have some great pictures of you at boot camp. Love and Hugs your other mom!

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