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What is OCR?

What is OCR and how does that affect a dispute?

The Acronym OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition…. That’s a fancy name for a computer that can read…

An OCR device can “take a picture” of a letter (like a scanner) then read the picture and understand the picture is actually a letter….


Computers can do a lot….. But now, the Credit Reporting Agencies are using these super computers to speed up the dispute process… The OCR devices will read each dispute letter and respond according to a pre-determined set of circumstances…

I know what you’re thinking… how can a computer do that? How can a company trust that? What if it can’t read my letter? How many mistakes does it make?

That’s what I was thinking when I first learned of this fact years ago. But I thought more of “How can this benefit the Credit Repair Business”?

Well… first I’ll answer the questions… A computer can definitely do a lot of the work but, most circumstances can not be answered properly with a “canned” response BUT… it’s the law of averages… most people will give up after their first try, so if the credit reporting agencies can use the computer to weed out the non-relentless people, then the computer is a success for the Credit Reporting Agencies…

Trust is a personal opinion BUT, I as a business owner could never trust a computer to make decisions that could drastically affect an individual’s life… The Credit Reporting Agencies apparently are not as concerned…

Mistakes definitely happen- how many? We’ll never know BUT, as you probably know- a recent study reported that approx 79% of personal credit reports in the USA contain errors so, it should be no surprise that these computers will have errors as well…


Well… If you understand how the system works, you will understand how to make it work for you and your clients. When the system cannot read a letter, the letter must be “hand reviewed”- if it is “Hand Reviewed” will you have a better chance of success?

My experience and opinion on why this is the case is simple… the “hand reviewers” like all Credit Reporting Agency employees are tracked and rated based on their version of “efficiency”…

Their version of efficiency is understood to be quantity NOT accuracy… so if more humans are touching the letters and the humans get paid based on how quickly they “touch” them, then I imagine that is why my experience has seen the greater success when the letters are hand reviewed… (Keep in mind “Touchs” means viewing on a monitor- not physically touching”

Now the question arises: “How do we get them hand reviewed”

The secret answer is not “mirrors” but it is a well guarded industry secret…

Again, no one tactic can be the panacea but- a combination of proven tactics along with persistency will prove to be the best!! In order for the letter to be hand reviewed the letter must not be readable by the OCR- To make your letter unreadable or difficult for the ocr to read you can simply….

Well if you want the answer, you can

  1. Listent to one of my webinar’s : OR
  2. Take a peek at my website and let me know what you think of it… SIMPLY go to my Credit Repair Software website look over the site then shoot me a quick e-mail with your opinion of it… E-mail Mike @ and put in the subject line ” I want the OCR Secrets”….

And I will send you the info on what had worked for me in the past… I will give you 2 CRITICAL tips that will make your letter almost impossible for the OCR to read it…

By the way… it’s not invisible ink, AND it DOES NOT need to be handwritten…

You can keep guessing or just try one of the above options…


Once you try our software you will become a believer!

You WILL get excited by it!

You will make more money in your business!

Your business will be more efficient!!

You will send me a thank you card (Stuffed with my favorite?)

you will want to drink the punch (LOL)

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  1. KonstantinMiller says:

    Hello, can you please post some more information on this topic? I would like to read more.

  2. Elcoj says:

    Hi, Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!
    Have a nice day

  3. The webinar was really informative. Especially the question session.I’m learning new things everyday.

  4. gqcredit says:

    Great webinar today. I think the OCR topic would be a great one to cover in the near future. I would also like to take you up on your offer to send out a copy of “Think and Grow Rich”, article on Why not to dispute online, and bio template. Thanks.

  5. MikeN says:

    Informative. Want to see more of this on a frequent basis

  6. Jenna says:

    Hey this is a very interesting article! Thanks!

  7. Lewis says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the Tricks that the Credit Bureaus play on us. Looks like they are NOT friends of the consumers but rather friends with the the BIG BANKS and CREDIT CARD COMPANIES that get all the bailouts!


  8. Cesar Silva says:

    Loved the presentation on Friday – wanted to check out the Blog and would love to get the “rewards” you mention when we do our homework.

    You are constantly giving us great food for thought and your approach is very refreshing! Thanks Guys!

    PS – Ron was great too…

  9. MikeN says:

    Webinar had some valuable tips. I ecspecially liked the settlement letter strategy Peggy created with her open collection settlement letters. Not only is this a very useful tool, it gives more flexabilty in pricing out a package for the client based on need. Anxious to incorporate into my business. Thanks Peggy and Mike for sharing.

  10. clourge says:

    hmmm, great post

  11. Lonnie S says:

    I had never heard of this practice before but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s amazing how far these credit reporting agencies will go NOT to help the consumer. I’m very interested in learning more about this technology and will be contacting you for the secret sauce you have in your arsenal.

  12. MikeN says:

    Great interview. I can use some of her advice in my business model. Thank you for bringing her in for the interview.

  13. Jason says:

    Great webinar on SEO today! Could you go more in depth about what sections of the letters need to be varied to keep the OCR from being able to read them…also if you could please send me a copy of the SEO Kit! Thanks for all the great info!

  14. Dean says:

    Is there any info regarding the program that runs theOCR & the items that are identified.

  15. Great interview, your ocr information always gets you an OMG response.

    Enjoyed your webinar today!!!!!

  16. Doug says:

    Mike, interesting article but the link to the video was broken. Great webinar yesterday afternoon, particularly liked the discussion of what is validation and use of FTC Staff Opinion letters

  17. Phil Hogg says:

    Mike your webinars are really great I always fined something new.
    OCR is one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome. Please teach more on this and include info on e-OSCAR. Also send me more on How do we get them hand reviewed

  18. Jennifer Young says:

    This was by far the coolest thing I learned after my company started using DS. I never knew about this before.
    The webinars have morphed into power and info packed sessions that have benefited me GREATLY. I appreciate this last series and the wealth of information you have provided. We are very lucky to have you in this industry and I truly appreciate all that you do!
    I cannot WAIT to see this Corporation/LLC thing you are giving for free! I was going to form an LLC at the beginning of the year so this is right on time for me!

  19. Tod says:

    Thank you for sharing your information about OCR (Optical Character Recognition). My sucess rate has increased now that I'm getting my information in the right "hands". Thanks for the Webinar today and building my business portfolio services. I think 2010 will be a great for my Credit Repair Biz!

  20. Donn Peden says:

    Was on my first webinar today and thorougly enjoyed it. It's a real exercise wading through all of your information and I appreciate the ability to be able to go over it again and again (I'm a slow learner). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to view outsourcing info etc. Look forward to learning more. 406-545-4842

  21. Steve Griffin says:

    Jordan and Doc gave amazing insight on the webinar today. Every week I think these webinars can't be any more informative and you exceed my expectations weekly. I am sure your webinars will have a direct impact on my income.

  22. Ozzy Favel says:

    Mike. the government does not even teach consumers as much as you do regarding credit the way you do and for FREE. I listen every wednesday for the 2 plus hours an i would stay longer if you would. I will say, I feel a little guilty taking all your FREE info, but hey keep it coming.

  23. Steve Griffin says:

    Mike. I was blown away by the video about the copying machines. This information is explosive and I will absolutely be using this information as a closing tool for additional products. Thanks for keeping us so well informed.

  24. Steven Klein says:

    This is a comment for the webinar today on the new laws (wed june 9, 2010)
    Very exciting info and Mike was passionate as always. I think the info would be more impactful if the info was given out in an interview type style that has a structured format. I didn't really follow the Mike's guests comments (Q3? – what's that?). I'm anxious to get Mike's notes on the laws, b/c I would like to know how to figure my course of action to implement with my outsource team to get the best results based on the new law. I didn't get that out of the webinar.
    All that said – Mike Citron is the man! I love how he supports us with these webinars, feedback, content, support, software, friendly and knowledgeable staff (even Mike Luce -lol), etc…. Looking forward to July 4th!

  25. Troy Hitt says:

    Great call today Mike. Love the idea with piggy backing on Real Estate signs. Also I am going to brush up on the Expose’. I hear it is a good read. Hope everyone blasted the lady from

  26. strategiccreditadvisors says:

    Hey Mike, thanks again for keeping us abreast of new laws and how they affect our business. Today’s webinar reminds me that within changes and new regulations, lie opportunities. Can’t wait for next week!

  27. Prince Williams says:

    This was great! I can not wait for October 14, 2010.

  28. Shaun Barnes says:

    Kerry’s top 10 was great. I look forward to his slides and contact info.

  29. Trevor Boldin says:

    Well, as always, you are right. Your tips have proven to succeed for QCS. Thank you for sharing such wonderful tips to us all.

  30. Shelly says:

    Good information in this article Mike. Thanks!

  31. Sandra Estes says:

    I joined the Webinar 2/16/2011 with guest speaker Roger Salom. It was absolutely fabulous! I will be working on my personal Life according to Roger's excellent information and teaching. I have put off eating right and exercising for too long. This was very encouraging. Thankyou so much for all of the support!

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