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How Do We Fix a Collection Settlement Date for a Debt Years Older?

GetAttachment[1]Two collection companies, 1, the big collection company in Michigan, the other a local. A Sam’s chargeoff from 03 or 04 settled with their collection group from Michigan in 07 or early 08. Shows paid, however the collection co. does not show the original 2003 Sam’s date. They show an 07 date. Also a local collection agency took a 2004 utility bill and put it on the customer’s credit file when they took the collection, showing 09, when it should be an 05 account. Does this make a collection look fresh instead of old, and doesn’t that then lower the score of the client? I was thinking of sending another 3rd letter with a copy to the state AG but hate to go to that length.

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  1. Renae Pillon says:

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