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Target Lists an Account as Derogatory and as a Judgement, a Double Hit. Is That Allowed?

GetAttachment[1]I have a client with a derogatory Target account and a judgment from Target for the same account. It is on the credit report twice, once from Target and once for the judgment, hurting the client twice. Is that allowed? Or should Target not be reporting this and only the judgment should be on the report?

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  1. Excellent credit repair advice. It also might be helpful to offer the O/C a settlement in exchange for a deletion or paid, non rated listing. Doing this in conjunction with your "vacate the judgment" tip can be very effective. Your tip about checking the accuracy and completeness of the public record is wise because the courthouse doesn't automatically send any data to a credit bureau. The bureaus pay stringers to collect public record information for them, so the verification process on a public record dispute is often non existent or shoddy at best.

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